Text Connector by Zach Anderson Review & Bonuses – Triple Your Clicks With One Simple Plugin

Text Connector

Text Connector by Zach Anderson is a pop-up blocker style ad builder for WordPress. And it makes it point and click easy to build profit pulling ad bars in seconds. It takes advantage of this and makes it super simple to add bar ads that mimic the pop-up blockers to your blogs. Text Connector by Zach Anderson enables your local agency customers to put a cool little floating button on their website that shows up on the mobile phones of those searching for them now. When they click the button, it connects them instantly to the business owner/manager’s phone. From there the conversion is easy. You’re not just getting the “Text Connector” Plugin. You’re also going to Learn exactly how they use it to grow their Local Customer’s Businesses. Their Included “Text Connector Masterclass” will show you exactly how to Get Started Fast.

Zach Anderson want to walk you through a method that he has been using to increase his Agency Customers sales 5x-10x per month. It’s simple, but it makes a huge difference and can be implemented in just a few minutes. It’s all about “Website Conversions”. Whether you service restaurants, Chiropractors, Gyms…. Whatever. They all have random website visitors who come to their sites for more info. But there is a big problem. Every single day, there are folks that jump over to those websites and don’t find what they need. Sometimes the business gets lucky and the person calls to ask their question (that the website didn’t cover). But more often than not, they just move on. That is… unless. You give them a better way to ask their question. His Big Discovery. A little while back, he discovered that a big secret to increasing their Agency Customers sales was as simple as adding a few core components to their existing website. And the most important addition to their website? They add a way for people to ask the owner/manager questions without having to call… and get them an instant response. Today, a tool just launched that makes it dead simple. It’s called Text Connector.

Here’s what you’ll learn Inside Text Connector by Zach Anderson:


This Proven Sales Process and WordPress Plugin Just. Flat. Works.

This Plugin and Sales Process has been tested and proven to work in all of the following Industries…

And just about any other business that you can think of too…

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